With several degrees in the arts and a career in making documentaries for UK & US television behind me, I'm now developing my own artistic leanings. I've been exploring the world of surface pattern design (fun!) and getting a more formal grounding in Fine Art at the City Lit in London, UK, and this blog is a documentation of my learning journey as I attempt to master various art techniques, whilst not being able resist throwing in a few other seemingly unrelated titbits.

I'm a wanderer, reveller and dreamer inspired by the wonderful world around us, particularly maps, landscapes, food, intense colour, and pattern. Driven by curiosity and creativity, I'm searching for what I'm calling "meaningful aesthetics" - ie, things have to be pretty and pleasing to the eye but also in some way meaningful. 

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 Petica manages the UK Surface Pattern Designers' community group on Facebook, a supportive resource for those working or aspiring to work as Surface Pattern Designers in the UK. That is basically, artists who want to get their work on products, including textiles, tableware, stationery, etc.