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Poster Design

As part of the MATS (Make Art That Sells) Bootcamp class this month, we were briefed to design a poster for Lilla Rogers' event that's coming up in June, in Brighton. It's quite funny to see how excited everyone's getting about the idea of going to Brighton... Anyway I thought the focus should be lettering so I used this brief to practice a bit of hand lettering. Here's my final result. We had to use the colour palette she chose, and the wording is theirs also.

In our group there were some amaaazing illustration and designs submitted, so it will be interesting to see which one Lilla chooses. Of course a poster should be clear and legible and engaging. I expect Lilla will need to consider this, but also - seeing as the prize is an hour's consultation with her - she will be looking at the body of work of the artist and whether she thinks she can engage with it and help that person, too.

UPDATE: Katie Vernon's poster of a tattoed pair of arms was chosen, rightfully so as it was great!

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