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Techniques in Collage & Assemblage

On my pinterest collage board I've been collecting all sorts of examples of collage, some are clever and some are more about aesthetics. I think you must have to spend hour upon hour collecting images, and that it is so much about finding the right one at the right time and perhaps seeds being planted in your brain and something going "click". Simon's feeling is not to do any sticking but to use bluetack until you're really sure...

The other thing is some sensible advice - have a look at what other artists are doing definitely, but at some point - let's say after maximum one hour - put them aside and start doing your own!

Here is the link to my Collage and Assemblage board. Start from the bottom and work up to the most recently posted:

They're chosen because I either liked them, thought they were clever, or wanted to remember a particular technique they used.

Here is a list of some techniques you can think about using, and in some cases which artists use them. See if you can identify which techniques were used in some of the collages on the Pinterest Board.

Cut and paste

Cut and insert

Use the Remnants to cut and paste

Delete - Nathan Coley, Ellen Gallagher

Draw on top of -

Fold - see Lygia Clarke, Neil Gall

Trace (eg using vellum, or carbon paper) - Francis Alys

Photocopy & colour in

Photocopy using Acetate layering, colour in behind


Cut up and reassemble - Henry Dargero, John Coplans,

Elongate, stretch

Pouncing - piercing the paper in dots for an early form of tracing - Raphael, Michelangelo, Christopher Bucklow

Gridding - Hockney, Cubamania


Template (trace, cut, insert)

Stencil - Banksy, Simon Periton

Blowing, spraying, Xray - Anna Barribel

Cellulose paint thinner

Layering texture

Mark- making with different implements

Varnish and wax

Frottage - rubbing with graphite

Shadow Silhouettes - eg using rubbish to create projected shadows, Sue Webster

Silver point and gesso

Pen and ink



blotting, oil and water

different paint techniques eg wet on wet, dry on dry, scumbling, optical, glazing,

Graphite, hard/soft. delicate/bold/shaved

colour crayones

hatching with brush


text and typography

HOW can we make our marks? Eg Gerhard Richter drags and scrapes paint; another artist draws by firing bullets , sometimes we can pour plaster into a footprint; Henry Krokatsis uses smoke and stencils, etc etc .

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