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Dissolving fabric... gotta have it!

Discovered there is a sort of fabric that you can wash away after you have stitched in it! Whoopee. How exciting. I'm just at the learning stages (story of my life) rather than the expertise stages but I rather like the way it combines sewing, stitching, fabric, texture, colour, and particularly an unexpected "how did you do that?" element.

My first attempt below, was very time-consuming and that was somewhat off-putting, but I had in mind a sort of scarf. I made the mistake of buying the wrong kind of dissolvable fabric, which is too plasticy, and my sewing machine needle hated it, but I've since discovered there's another kind which is more stiff and controllable.

You need a stitch which locks itself together, otherwise the stitching will unravel once you've dissolved the fabric. A ladder stitch is a good one.

You also need an embroidery hoop, a large one, though that's a bit of a faff and I mean to try without in the future.

You need your sewing machine set to a free motion foot, and your feed dogs down. Well, you don't have to - depends which stitch - give both a go.

You can't really be a perfectionist!

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