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Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket costume - for a child

Because I had a lot of interest in this costume after I posted my son's picture on facebook, I thought I'd make a quick post - to show how easy some things are when you know of the existence of certain clever tailor-made items. (I remember when I got my first flat and I tried to put shelves up - DIY was the bane of my existence until over the years I found out there are special tools for special tasks - obtained them - life became lovely again!)

So - I like to think out of the box where possible - we hadn't even read Fantastic Mr Fox or most of the Roald Dahl books yet, and have only just started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - he's only 4 years old ffs! Couldn't bear to spend £25 on a crocodile costume, and missed Amazon Prime delivery cut-off point.

What you'll need:

  • a spare old pillowcase pref pale colour

  • gold acrylic paint, 200ml

  • a computer and an A4 printer, plus a software programme like Photoshop

  • some transfer paper - you can buy readymade here - more costly but worth it for minimum hassle! You thread it through the rear slot of your printer, print your words onto it, MIRRORED!! then iron it onto the pillowcase.

Had some gold paint - £2 from Crawford and Black - any will do as long as it is metallic and a spare old pillowcase.

2 nights to go to event: slop on the gold paint onto both sides of the pillowcase - lay it on some plastic sheeting so can you can lay a wet side face down while you paint the back - then hang it to dry.

1 night to go to event:

Now of course your transfer paper and printer are only A4, but your pillow case is larger than that, so when you arrange your words in a photoshop A4 document ready to be printed, use all the paper area you can (but leave a margin near the edges) . Fiddle about with FONTS, and FONT SIZES...

NOW MIRROR the words - do this by doing EDIT - TRANSFORM - FLIP HORIZONTAL to each text layer that you want to print on that A4 sheet. And remember you can cut it up afterwards before you iron it on. So you can iron on sentences / words in sections.

You will also need to print in stages because you may have more text than will fit on one sheet of A4. I used a good 8 sheets of my TAP (Transfer Artists Paper) for this project - but two were mistakes when I forgot to mirror them!!

Then cut a head hole and two arm holes. If your child is small don't make the head hole too wide or it will slip off their little shoulders!

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