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Fancy Floral - Blooms Between

It's been some time since I did some surface pattern design - I'm not sure why but I lost it for a bit there. This week I started trying to build a portfolio again, re-familiarise myself with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. They're so fiddly that it's easy to forget your skills if you don't use them all the time. I am still torn between quite a graphic style a la people like Helen Dardik, or a more textured watercolour-y style like these, which I whipped up last night. The stipulation was that the florals had to be mixed with a geometrical background, as there is a new trend callled "Blooms Between" - I chose chevrons.

Still having technical problems - when I make these using smart objects (combining Illustrator and Photoshop) I end up with 1.5 GB files which crash or slow my whole mac...

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