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City Lit Fine art - Week 3 - drawing in pencil and a bit of tone!

This week the now-familiar City Lit bizarre and boring objects came out again, dispersed annoyingly far apart from eachother by Tony, across the floor.

We had a little discussion about how this week would be drawing in PENCIL which is much harder than charcoal - similar process though. Keep your pencil sharp and don't draw with a blunt pencil - or "your picture will be blunt too" says Tony. Also you hold it like a brush, from the upper arm - interesting... and drawing lots of light lines in the first stages, mapping out WITH YOUR EYE ONLY the object positions. NO RUBBER TILL THE AFTERNOON!!! (Boy was I excited when we eventually did get rubbers). Interestingly, with your scrunch of blue "loo roll" you can actually rub away the pencil, and if you scribble a bit on top before you do, it sort of produces a less -confusing smudge over which you can then draw again.

I sorted out my composition on the third sketch, basically I find my favourite object or two, and work out what I want to fit in, either landscape or portrait, make sure my main area of interest is not bang in the middle, and start there. I loved the fire bucket at first, though I grew to hate it (!)- and the bell with it's shadow/ reflection.

Pretty crappy sketch-out, no measuring here. Composition was approved as "ace" by Tony. I had decided to do more objects and not zoom in so close this week. Really needed Tony's help to "see" how the bell fell in relation to the paper. Anyway, we carried on mapping out the object positions - don't tone yet!! and eventually we were allowed to do some measuring with our brushes, phew.

There's the animation. The skittle (yes that darn thing again) was much smaller than I had thought and the bell was much larger than I at first thought.

Then we did some scribbling - multi-directional - where the darker tones where. This is so that when we add a layer of very very diluted ink, which we did next, the brush and water pick up the graphite and make it that bit darker, then you can do mid-tones with the inky water which won't be so dark.

Not sure how I felt about that technique, and if you make a mistake and make an area too dark you can't rub it out. At some point the light had been switched on to one side to dramatise shadows, luckily my bell shadow was still there. After a loooong time we were allowed to use white pastel to re-introduce highlights, but it wasn't as precise as I wanted and looks yellowy in my pic.Mind you I used the pastel to correct mistakes not just introduce highlights! Overall I didn't feel completely pleased with my work this week, but hey I learned a lot.

We'll be coming back to this next week, and I may cut the composition down to something like this:

Here it is again after a bit of adjustment at home...

Meanwhile here's a slideshow of some of the amazing work of my classmates. It felt like everyone had come along in leaps and bounds this week.

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