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Fave Artist - Nicholas Wilton

Discovered an abstract artist recently whose work I really love. He has a great blog where he really gives a lot of tips as well.

Look at the ones on style, and developing your own, in particular. He is wonderfully generous with his tips!

A lot of his paintings (all?) show his application of whitish tones over other marks he's made underneath. This somehow has more value than if you had just left the canvas white (which you'd never do anyway) because you somehow sense there is something under there.

One of the things that Chris at City Lit is always stressing is that your journey and process in making the work of art is crucial to the success of the piece. It doesn't seem like you can cut any corners - and the more pain you experience, the better and more intriguing the piece is to the viewer at the end of the process.

Try to make your Art MORE from what you FEEL rather than what you THINK. THat's what Nicholas Wilton says here.

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