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City Lit Fine Art catch up

It's been some time since I did a blog post which is bad, mustn't get in the habit of skipping! But we did suffer a burglary at our house on New Year's Eve which threw me off course, for a month, until I got a new computer and sorted out all the admin involved with dealing with police and insurance.

The good thing is I have a new computer and am finally sorting out messed up itunes libraries, messed up old photos libraries, and backing up files to the cloud, which is taking weeks, but which I had put off on my old computer and now am driven to it. Not quite finished with all that yet, and consequently a bit lost and confused with direction in art now. The truth is I am overwhelmed with possibilities and spend a lot of time looking at art (other people's) and researching methods and ideas, but not having time to actually put them into action.

Brian Hodgson was teaching us printmaking, but unfortunately that was restricted to lino and monotype, though you could say that in restriction lies freedom. Our last session (before we move onto animation) was all crit - looking at eachother's work - I didn't find it particularly helpful really. 3 days is not really enough to make the progression and now I am torn whether to stick to printmaking a bit more or move on to animation - or unite the two, which will be VERY time-consuming!

Anyway, during printmaking I discovered by accident how to make dendritic patterns, so I played around with these a lot, thinking how they could be developed further. Photos, taken of the ink on perspex holding it up in front of other shapes and colours; getting a screen burned with the pattern in and taking it further through screen printing; creating a garden installation in a box somehow by printing them onto acetate. I'm terribly impatient and as soon as I've had an idea I want to move on to the next without actually doing it.

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