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Drawing 2 with Tony Hull

Next we had 4 sessions of drawing with Tony. In the first session we had enormous fun (well I did) drawing a cube from life (notoriously difficult!) and then were taught about vanishing points and perspective. I'd already done a lot on this as part of my landscape design but hadn't thought about it for years, so it was good to practice. Strangely satisfying. We learned to scale up our original cube, (using a grid formation and 3 rulers strapped together to represent the original one ruler! ) in charcoal, then we rubbed bits out and redrew chunks of our cube projected along the vanishing point lines, to end up with something a lot more complex. Of course we couldn't SEE our vanishing points because they were off the page. this made it more difficult because you are guessing really.

Now scaling up onto the larger paper: (2 x A1 selotaped together at the back)

All these rubbed out "ghosted" lines are pretty much Tony's trademarks, he loves encouraging us to see how ghosted lines contribute to a drawing in unexpected ways.

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