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Mixed media - or not

Unfortunately I missed the next 3 sessions of mixed media which was very upsetting but couldn't be helped. My colleagues managed to produce some interesting pieces based on the area of Lincoln's Inn which we'd explored. One group produced a sort of illuminated manuscript with information about Lincoln's Inn, revealed to us in an irreverent manner only to be touched with gloves etc. It had QR codes linking to a website, a touch that I'd suggested in the first session, something I always long to use again as I love these multi-dimensional platforms for art where the visitor can be taken in different directions. Another group projected 3 videos with a simple recorded ambient soundtrack. One of the videos projected onto a sheet stuck with white-painted litter, which was strangely effective.

Something that strikes me perhaps about making art is that it can be a success even if your message/ subject starts off unclear and garbled. Perhaps it's the end result and not so much the journey that matters?

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