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End of year 1 tutorial with Chris

We're supposed to think about what direction we want to go in next year but I'm (as always) full of possibilities and different directions that I end up overwhelmed and indecisive!

If some one just told me to concentrate on painting still lives I'd be quite relieved. But there is so much else to explore! Here are just some directions on my mind right now.

Sound installation with some sort of visuals, perhaps about the experience of losing one's mother, as a female, when young, and of now being a mother. There are several people I could interview so it's not just my story. The trick is to open out the personal issue to other people to avoid narcissism. I'm thinking of a Polish artist I saw at the Venice Biennale in 2009 who did an interesting piece on immigrants using interviews and shadow-videos.

But what's the new angle here??

Textiles. argh so many directions to go here. But I did like the theme of city rhythms. And I did like felting. I'd like to pursue something using all my cargo containers photos. As well as all the crane and skyscraper ideas .

map making - somehow maps and aerials are constants for me - whether it's screenprints / paper laminating , print making, fabric...

More print-making and screenprinting.

Videos / installation.

I'd also like to explore this - the continuity would go well with my prior tv ep

Maybe I'm terrified that underneath all these half-thought-out ideas and inspiration there is actually nothing of any worth or originality.

Art is such a difficult journey.

From September I also have a lot of other things on my plate which all make me rather nervous;

City Lit course & exhibition

schools and place research to decide whether to move and where to

getting the house working properly (it's fast crumbling)

passing a maths test for PGCE (urgh)


keeping satisfying my cravings for interior design in my life!

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